Across the world, countries and companies are facing the increasing pressure to reduce their ecological imprint, to help slow down climate change, and protect the environment for our future generations. 

Which countries are leading the way in renewable energy?

A study from Compare The Market has shown the top 10 countries who are using the most renewable energy sources in their total consumption.

These countries have invested in environmentally-friendly energy resources; wind, solar, hydropower, and bioenergy.

Rank   Country   % of renewable energy used
1   Germany   12.74
2   UK   11.95
3   Sweden   10.96
4   Spain   10.17
5   Italy   8.8
6   Brazil   7.35
7   Japan   5.3
8   Turkey   5.25
9   Australia   4.75
10   USA   4.32


The UK ranks second with a renewable energy consumption of 11.95% of the country’s total consumption. 

Due to having some of the best conditions in Europe and high average wind speeds, wind power provides most of the UK’s renewable energy

The UK’s renewable energy also comes from solar panels and hydro power, along with bioenergy generated by burning wood chips instead of coal. This has helped the significant decrease in the country’s use of coal since 1970.

Why are more companies going green?

Simply companies are seeing the positive and measurable effects. Before now the return on investment was often hard to quantify, however recently those who have made the switch to green energy are now providing data and extremely compelling evidence as to why other companies should make the change.

Another factor companies are considering is how consumers want and reward environmentally-friendly companies.

Who are the most sustainable companies?

At the start of 2020, a list ranking the organisations doing the most to embrace sustainable business practices was released by Forbes.

Rank   Company  Country
1   Orsted A/S  Denmark
2   Chr. Hansen Holding A/S  Denmark
3   Neste Oyj  Finland
4   Cisco Systems Inc  United States
5   Autodesk Inc  United States
6   Novozymes A/S  Denmark
7   ING Groep NV  Netherlands
8   Enel SpA  Italy
9   Banco do Brasil SA  Brazil
10   Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp  Canada


Orsted have reduced their carbon emissions by 86% and aim to be carbon neutral in their energy generation and operations by 2025. In addition to this Orsted have a target to achieve a carbon neutral footprint by 2040.

The first UK company to appear on the list is Unilever PLC, who rank 46th.

Unilever have created a Sustainable Living Plan, this sets out to decouple their growth from their environmental footprint.  While also increasing their positive social impact.

They have 3 main goals;

  1. Improving health and well being for a billion people by 2020.
    The Lack of safe drinking water, combined with the poor sanitation and hygiene, cause millions of preventable deaths each year – particularly among children. Unilever reached their target in 2018.
  2. To halve the environmental footprint of the making and use of their products as they grow the business by 2030. For this they want to secure sustainable sources of supply for raw materials, to cut their costs through reducing packaging materials and higher manufacturing efficiencies.
  3. Enhancing the livelihoods of millions of people by 2020. This includes Fairness in the Workplace, Opportunities for Women and Inclusive Business.

It’s great to see countries and companies making steps towards saving our planet.
So, from the whole team at Outsourced Utilities, our question to you is ‘Are you ready to take a stand and #GoGreen?!’

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