Last month the UK’s first electric ferry set sail. The e-Voyager will sail between Plymouth and Cornwall undergoing rigorous trials, while powered on repurposed Nissan Leaf batteries. The team will assess its emissions. In hopes the vessel can carry its first paying customers in April 2021.


The vessel has been designed and developed by Plymouth Boat Trips and Voyager Marine, Cornwall along with a range of other partners. 

Andy Hurley the Project Leader is excited to see the e-Voyager launch, which is the result of a progressive collaboration to create a cleaner and more sustainable future for the marine industry.

Support from the University of Plymouth and the University of Exeter, came through the Environmental Futures & Big Data Impact Lab. Scientists have carried out intensive research measuring emissions including noise, air pollution and fuel consumption.

The University of Plymouth believes that the work conducted on e-Voyager will make a path for larger scale innovations meeting the UK Government’s target to reduce emissions by 2050.


The future of the e-Voyager and many more electric ferries in Plymouth will be welcomed by the city council, who will install three 22kWh chargers on the Barbican Landing Stage which will be able to charge the e-Voyager in under three hours. This will allow vessels to charge overnight and run for a full day on a single charge.

Kerry McCarthy MP, the Shadow Minister for Green Transport, and Luke Pollard MP Plymouth Sutton & Devonport who went on a quick joyride before it set sail.


Click here to follow the e-Voyager on its journey.


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