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Five reasons why the cheapest business electricity deal is not the best one for you

I know how you feel.

You’ve been circulating the price comparison websites and have seen an uber-cheap offer on your small business electricity bill. Your eyes widen, your smile grows, you’ve found the perfect deal for you.


If a contract looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Don’t fall into the trap of a low kWh per hour rate, look into the finer details and research the market before you sign on the dotted line.

Nothing can beat the services provided by a trustworthy, intelligent electricity broker – but if you’re walking through the electricity wilderness alone, here’s some handy notions to help you light the way.


#1 – Fluctuating Prices

What appears a good deal on the face of it, could have a heap of dramatic charges hiding just beneath the surface, waiting to bite in the coming months.

What is noted at 13p per kWh per hour initially (a relatively cheap deal) could rise to 16p per kWh if the contract is not fixed (a rather expensive deal).

Always read the fine print, always check the details, always understand what you’re signing up for, before putting pen to paper.

Make sure you’re signing up for a fixed rate, so that prices don’t skyrocket from right under your nose – potentially leaving your business with cash flow and budgeting problems.


#2 – Poor Customer Service

Bars, restaurants, IT technicians, marketing companies, solicitors – you name it, you want great customer service from it.

Customer service makes the world go round, and electricity suppliers are no different.

Don’t fall to the false promises and pressures of call centres ringing your offices.

No matter how informed you feel, EVERYBODY has a billing query at some stage of their contract.

Read up online about the customer service of each company, or use a broker like Outsourced Utilities, who ensure you get the customer service your business needs to continue operating at maximum strength.

Trustpilot and Google Reviews are friends, make sure you call upon them!


#3 – Hassle

Why sign up to a short term contract with a short term gain? By the time you’ve saved a small amount, it’ll be time to renew again. Which means going through the same tired process, to save a barely noticeable amount.

Plus, by the time you’ve equated you man-hours into the tasks, it’s hardly (if at all) worth the excruciating effort.

So what’s the alternative?

At Outsourced we would recommend one of two things. Either a) have a honest broker find you the best deal, or b) sign up to a fixed 3 year energy deal.

Both may seem like they are more expensive in the interim, but after you’ve worked out how much time wasting, stress and general hassle you’ve avoided, you’ll be counting your blessings for sure.


#4 – Hidden Charges

There’s so much more to an electrical contract than the simple unit per kWh you see on the bill.

By not reading deeper you could open yourself up to ever-rising government charges, green taxes and non-commodity charges if you jump into the lowest rate contract immediately.

These charges can be massive, and ultimately, unavoidable.

Again, be sure your price comparison site accounts for all these charges, or be even safer, and ask Outsourced Utilities to seek the best and safest deal on your behalf.


#5 – Exit Fees

You’ve signed up for your ‘unbelievable’ energy deal. Turns out, it’s massively more expensive than you planned.

You HAVE to leave. However, you now are forced to pay an extortionate exit fee, which you simply cannot afford.

By using a confident electricity broker, you can easily avoid getting snared into a contract that’s a financial drain on your business – giving you peace of mind at last.

At Outsourced Utilities, we provide honest, transparent, flexible service that ensures you have the ideal electricity deal for your business. Open up the conversation on and secure the best electricity rates for your small business, with Outsourced Utilities!

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