Covid 19 (How companies are adapting / home working)

It would be hard to have a first quarterly newsletter without mentioning the COVID-19 pandemic as it has changed the business world as we know it. 

The UK lockdown was placed on society on Monday 23rd March, which meant people were only allowed to travel to work if it was impossible to work from home. The lockdown meant pubs, shops and restaurants were closed until further notice. 

With the lockdown lasting for longer than expected, companies have had to change to remote working. Remote working is a style of work that allows employees to work from home by addressing the public health needs. 

By working remotely businesses across the nation can still provide for their employees and consumers in this troubling time. This time is nerve racking for most individuals so it may be hard for you as a business owner or an employee to stay motivated. Here are some top tips for working from home: 

  •     Get up early: when you work in a business space your workday can start as early as 6am, however, when remote working there is no commute, hence no early morning alarm. Getting up early and getting all your tasks done in the morning is more productive than wasting your morning away. 
  •     Act as if you are going into work: all the things you normally do you should still do! This means have a constant alarm, get dressed and communicate with your colleagues. 
  •     Choose a workspace: rather than working in your room, choose a different room where you feel you can be most productive. 
  •     Have a routine: make sure you schedule your day like you are in the office – it is very easy to loose focus when at home all day but setting reminders for breaks or new tasks can really help!
  •     Write a to do list: planning what you are going to do each day is very beneficial as it allows you to stay focused all day 

Here at Outsourced our team are adapting to remote working, however, it has made us excited to get back together and appreciate each other. 


HMRC – what help is available for Businesses in the current climate. 

The Chancellor of the Exchequer stated in April 2020; “I have asked HMRC to scale up the Time to Pay service, allowing businesses and the self‐employed to defer tax payments over an agreed period of time. Starting today, there will be a dedicated helpline with 2,000 staff ready to help.”

Covid-19 has changed life as we know it and a lot of businesses are panicking about whether they will be able to pay their past and future taxes. 

HMRC have set up a Time to Pay helpline, which is a completely different department to both the Debt Management and Banking department. The Time to Pay helpline is a call centre that has been set up to help people defer their taxes. 

Anyone who pays taxes can apply and this department means no one will have to wait in long queues to gain help. The operators have a checklist of questions they have to ask and once all is agreed the deferred payment is for the maximum of three months. However, people who call up are advised its better to pay a little bit rather than nothing. 

If you run a business or are self-employed and are concerned about paying your taxes due to the Covid-19 crisis call the helpline: 0800 024 1222. 

If you are unable to pay HMRC will discuss help such as: 

  •     Instalment Arrangements
  •     Suspending Debt Collection Proceedings 
  •     Cancelling Penalties and Interest 

The helpline is open Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm. 


Good time to review your energy usage and how you manage your bills?

With all that is going on it can be easy to ignore your energy bills, however, now may be the perfect time to review your energy usage. 

Our Customer Online Portal can help you reduce your energy usage by offering businesses the following: 

  •     Centralised Online Billing 
  •     Monitor & Compare Usage 
  •     Automatic Bill Validation 

We know very business is different, but all are able to follow these steps to reduce your energy usage in this very unpredictable time.

  • Introducing LED light bulbs 
  • Sensor Lights 
  • Investing in Energy Efficient Lighting 
  • Encourage Employees to go Green 

Covid-19 will not disrupt your business energy supply as all suppliers are working with the same rules and regulations. 

With all this free time, you may be questioning how you manage your bills. Most people use Microsoft Excel to manage their costs, however, it is not a trusted system. Rather than relying on Excel, relay on the Outsourced Portal system which allows you to have constant control of your energy costs. 

You will not have to manually put input data into your spreadsheet, instead you will have centralised online billing and automatic bill validation.


Quote from our MD

“The start of 2020 has been a challenging one, not just for us but the whole world. At Outsourced we are taking every day as it comes and will continue to help our clients get the best business energy deals possible. Hopefully the next quarter will see the world return to some form of normality. In the meantime, we hope everyone stays safe during this crisis” Owen Davies, Managing Director.


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