We would like to introduce you to Owen Davies, our Managing Director. 

Why did Owen set up Outsourced Utilities?

“After leaving University I decided to do some work experience at a small accounting firm with the idea that it would provide me with a good insight into how small businesses operated.
Whilst I was helping to reconcile payments I started coming across energy invoices, and began to take note of the unit rates that were being charged and to my surprise there didn’t seem to be any logic behind it. Two businesses, of similar size, similar type, in almost the same location could be paying completely different prices. So, with the accountants and customers permission I started picking up the phone to their energy suppliers to try and renegotiate better terms. One client saving led to another and so on. The deeper I dug, the cloudier it became!
Energy suppliers trying to maximise their profits, and the brokers – who I thought were there to help make sense of it – making it even more confusing and adding extra costs into the energy rates. After hours and hours of research, I struggled to find a ‘middle-man’ than actually made the process of buying and managing business energy easier!
I thought there had to be a way of genuinely helping businesses pay a fair price for their energy, whilst also making money along the way and so I set up the business.
What I forgot to mention was that I actually quit a nice graduate scheme after 4 days to embark on this venture, at the time maybe it was a reckless decision, but so far the risk has paid off for both myself and the customers we have helped along the way!”

Interesting fact…

Owen represented his country (Wales) at Schoolboy level in football and also played at semi-professional in what was the Vanarama Conference North.

In his spare time Owen loves to socialise with friends and family, eat good food, watch the football, live music and every now and then dust of the cobwebs with a game of 5-aside. He also has an interest in property and design.

We put together a short Q&A for you to get to know Owen a little better.
Tea or coffee?

Both – tea first thing, coffee throughout the day, tea before bed! Maybe I should cut down!

Best book to read?

Life Leverage, Rob Moore

Binge worthy series?

Narcos & Narcos Mexico – what a series! I also really enjoy the ‘All or Nothing’ series on Amazon which shows how the likes of Manchester City and Tottenham operate behind closed doors – I love watching the different strategies the elite level managers take to get the best out of their players and the psychological element of the relationship they have with their players – very interesting!

Podcast choice?

Anything that is self educational. I really like the ‘Secret Leaders’ podcast, great conversations with inspirational leaders and entrepreneurs.  

Top dinner party guests?

Jurgen Klopp, Kelly Jones, Matthew Mcconaughey, Jamie Foxx & David Attenbrough 

Here is what he has to say about his role…

“I love helping people. Whether that be helping someone find the best solution for their business energy, helping someone hit their own personal goals and targets or giving help to those less fortunate.
The satisfaction of gaining someone’s trust and then being able to have a positive impact on their business or individual lives is a huge driving force for me.”


Outsourced Utilities team

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Finance Director – Darryl