With everything going on, we almost forgot… back in January we were named ‘The Most Trusted Energy Broker partners, North West’ in the 2019 SME Energy & Power Awards!

As a company we are thrilled to have this achievement under our belt. It is recognition for everything we do on a daily basis to deliver the best possible service to our customers.

The SME News awards celebrate the triumphs of the strong and vibrant businesses in the UK. It also identifies the strong work ethic from both owners and employees of a business.

Small businesses have been described as the backbone of the nation’s economy and rewarding these companies with an award draws light onto the important work we and other companies do.

Since our start up in 2014 the team has pushed for great customer service, keeping energy bills low and being transparent to both customers and energy suppliers.

Owen Davies, Founder and Director at Outsourced Utilities, said “We’re delighted to have won this award – being named the ‘Most Trusted Broker’ in the North West means so much to everyone involved in the business. I set the business up as I did not like how energy companies and brokers were behaving. I felt they were acting dishonestly, and taking advantage of their customers. The goal from day one was to build a company with a reputation of being trustworthy and transparent. Unscrupulous sales tactics are still very common in our industry so it is fantastic to receive this award as recognition for our unique ethos and transparent approach to the business energy market”

We feel this award is the perfect way to reward our team for all the hard work over the past year. It proves what we have always known – that we are an energy company that can be trusted!

Winning such an award offers our clients a sense of comfort, as it shows that we are a brand they can have full confidence in to manage their energy contracts.

Being ‘trusted’ is such an important aspect of what we do, as we believe as well as helping to make business energy simple and hassle free, energy brokers should show integrity by doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Unfortunately, many energy brokers fail to grasp this concept but this award demonstrates that we are one of the few ‘good guys’ in the industry.

Outsourced Utilities would like to say thank you to the SME News Awards team for recognising our work and as a business we hope that the remainder of 2020 and beyond brings even more success for us and our clients!

If you need any help with your business energy, please don’t hesitate to call our team on 01244 506666 or contact us using the form below;