Business energy is obviously a necessity for all businesses. That said, just because you run a business doesn’t mean you should ignore the costs. Businesses that do this, end up paying more than they need to for their business energy. In this article we have highlighted some of the things you can do as a business to bring your business energy costs tumbling down! 

Here are some of our business energy saving tips… 

Monitor your usage 

What do business smart meters do?

A smart meter for your business will provide you with live data on your business energy consumption. This valuable data can then be integrated into an Energy Management System (EMS) which will provide you with graphical summaries of how and when your energy is being used. As a business, you can then start to play an active role in being more efficient with the way in which your energy is being used. Various techniques can be used to manipulate the use of your energy, making your business more efficient, and improving your bottom line! Knowledge is power, so the first step to reducing your business energy costs is getting a clear insight into how your business is using its energy. 

Please reach out to our team if you would like a free demo of our cloud-based Energy Management System (EMS) which would provide you with an easy way to manage and oversee your entire energy portfolio with live comparisons and bill validation of the energy used at each of your sites and meters! 

Change your behaviour 

It might seem obvious but, doing simple things such as making sure your company computers are on sleep mode or off when not in use, turning lights and electrical appliances off when inactive can save you a huge amount of money, on a monthly and yearly basis. 

Small appliances, right through to large manufacturing equipment may not need to be constantly. Being able to control which appliances or machinery is on can have a dramatic impact on your energy consumption.

On top of equipment, lights burn a considerable amount of energy. So many offices have their lights on all day but there blinds are closed! Use natural light as much as possible to avoid having to turn on the lights. Open blinds to let in an environmentally friendly source of light and turn those energy wasting lights off!

People wouldn’t leave their computer running or lights on in their own home, so why should a workplace be any different? Incentives for staff to change their behaviour are a great way of promoting a new environmentally friendly lifestyle into your working environment. 

Switch to energy efficient office equipment 

You may think your old office equipment is saving you money but in reality, it’s costing you more in energy. If you invest in better energy efficient equipment for your company, you are saving yourself money in the long run. 

When replacing old equipment, you should always be looking out for the energy logo star as these machines run more efficiently and automatically turn off during a long period of inactivity. 

With this trick you can save your company 50% or more in energy usage! 

This is because appliances such as old heaters and AC’s waste power and money. Replacing old ones with energy star models is the way forward if you want to start saving money on your business energy costs. 

Keep the heat in or out 

There is nothing wrong with keeping your office window open and getting a bit of fresh air, but doing this over a prolonged period of time can have a damaging effect on your business energy costs. We often see care homes with windows open and the heating blaring out! All that energy is being wasted, straight out of the open window! It sounds so silly, but these little energy saving hacks can have a dramatic effect on your business energy costs. 

Improvements to the existing windows can also have a positive effect on your buildings ability to retain heat. By adding or replacing your windows weather stripping, caulk or foam you could stop your energy from escaping, therefore saving you money that you can spend on another sector in your business. 

Your office windows let both the sun’s heat and light in so it can easily make it more expensive in the summertime when trying to tackle keeping the office cool. Investing in things such as solar screen window shades and high reflective window films can help your business reduce heat gain. 

Consider Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources 

The main advantage of renewable energy is that you are not releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere – which is a bonus in itself. Although costly, the long-term benefits for your company and the environment are amazing. 

Types of commercial renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, are safe and abundant energy and are also stable. Not only are you helping climate change, your company could possibly be helping create jobs in the renewable energy sector.

Instead of fuel, renewable energy is a technology. 

Gas needs to be transported which costs money – Coal must be mined and changed to make it useful for energy. In regard to renewable energy, that is thanks to our advance in the technology sector, meaning the price for renewable energy will continue to go down. We can now source 100% renewable source energy contracts for the same price as traditional ‘brown energy’, meaning you can power your business in an environmentally friendly way, without it costing you a penny more! 


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