First and foremost, we hope your family and friends are in good health and your business is managing to pull through this difficult period. 

Now to the point… energy is unlikely to be at the forefront of your mind, particularly at a time like this, however it is a fundamental part of many business operations. With many businesses on temporary closure or operating at reduced capacity, the volume of energy being consumed by the vast majority of businesses has significantly reduced. If this is the case for your business the important question to ask yourself is does your energy supplier know about your reduced consumption?

Energy suppliers tend not to be very proactive and typically tend to continue billing as normal until there is a problem. We always encourage our customers to keep their readings up to date to ensure that the supplier bills in-line with the correct consumption, saving the time and hassle of receiving an incorrect invoice due to estimated readings being used to calculate costs. Given the current circumstances, this simple, yet often overlooked task has never been more important! If meter readings are not provided to your energy suppliers then you run the risk of them continuing to bill you on estimated readings. These estimates will likely be based on previous usage patterns, so if your business is currently closed or operating to a reduced level then estimated readings would not reflect this. This means that your energy invoices will end up being higher than they should be as you will be charged for energy you have not actually been using. 

Obviously, as soon as a correct and up to date reading is provided, any over-payments would be credited back but can you really afford to wait? As you are probably aware already, energy suppliers are not the quickest in fixing such billing issues. Now more than ever ‘cash is king’ and by providing up to date meter reading(s) to your energy supplier(s) you could drastically improve your cash flow position until your next bill is raised.

Regardless of whether or not you are a current client of ours, we want to play our part in easing the burden of costs for you by helping to improve your cash-flow position. Simply call our office line on 01244 506666 and we will be more than happy to help you with updating your meter readings.

Please do not overlook this simple task, remember cash is king – get in touch today so we can update your accounts before an incorrect bill ‘lands on your doormat’!

From us all at Outsourced Utilities, 

Stay safe x