The move towards Smart meters is focused on cutting energy wastage, with the view that if we take more ownership of how we use our energy, as individuals and businesses, we can help reduce energy usage and therefore limit the damaging effect of climate change on our planet.

Smart meters essentially provide your supplier with automatic meter reading data from which they can use to bill you more accurately, but they also provide your business with a whole host of other benefits and opportunities.

Smart meters save time 

How much time do you, or someone in your business, waste taking manual meter readings from your energy meters? If you do it properly, taking readings every month, then your answer is probably quite a lot of time indeed! A smart meter will give you this time back by automatically reading the meter for you, and automatically forwarding this data to your energy supplier without you even having to lift a finger and dust the cobwebs away from your gas or electricity meter! 

Smart meters save money

The automatic meter readings also mean that you will be billed accurately by your energy supplier on every single invoice! No more estimated readings because you forgot to read the meter in time, or errors on the invoice because you accidentally missed an invoice off! This will not only save your business money on a cash flow basis but it could also prevent you from having a build up of arrears and being faced with a nasty back-bill when the energy supplier finally catches up on your low estimates or manual reading with one less digit! 

These accurate readings also mean there’s no more wasted time trying to resolve an incorrect bill with your supplier, another big time saver! 

Smart meters provide greater insight into your businesses energy consumption patterns

The data provided by the smart meters can be used to analyse your energy usage patterns. For example, we can use such data to provide you with graphical comparisons and live data reports of your energy consumption on our Energy Manager System (EMS). As a business, you can then review these graphs to identify ways to reduce your consumption or shift your usage to take advantage of lower rates. 

Smart meters help encourage behavioural changes

These live data reports can then be used to inform your staff and engage them in behavioural changes. By showing them the data and the impact their behaviour in work can have on your energy consumption and contribution to climate change can make them take ownership. This can help make your business more efficient from a carbon and monetary perspective. 

In our opinion, these benefits make it a no-brainer to get a Smart meter installed at your business premises. 

Currently, we have some special opportunities with one of our suppliers where they are actually offering a discount on your energy rates if you agree to having one installed! In our opinion this is an amazing incentive, and one that makes absolute sense! The supplier is essentially recognising that the data they receive from Smart meters allows them to be more efficient by preventing time wastage on correcting billing errors, and they are willing to pass some of this saving on to you – Smart move!

In summary, there has never been a better time to get a smart meter installed at your business! Speak to our team today to find out if you are eligible for one and if you can benefit from a reduction on your energy rates by getting one installed. 

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