Most people are convinced that Microsoft Excel is providing them with a stable way of managing costs and information, with 81% of businesses using Excel on a regular basis. Whilst Excel is an absolutely fantastic tool, using it to analyse and manage complex and important data carries its risks. 

Excel is not an error proof system and mistakes can easily be made on it.

In 2003 an Excel error cost the Canadian power generator, TransAlta, $24 million!

In 2010, MI5 mistakenly bugged more than 1,000 phones, as a formatting error meant that the agency bugged all numbers ending in ‘000’ instead of the actual three digits.

If MI5 can misuse Excel, surely so can your business? Excel errors are common. Especially when dealing with complex data like energy consumption.

Microsoft Excel allows users to put in data without it properly being checked, despite Excel allowing password protection it does not stop people inputting wrong data. It also does not allow you to track user change or access – this means multiple people can be adding and taking away data without anyone being aware.

Rather than relying on Excel to manage your business energy costs, our cloud based Energy Management System (EMS) allows our customers to take control of their energy costs, simply and securely, and limiting the exposure to errors along the way!

Instead of having to manually input data into a spreadsheet, our customers simply log in to our EMS to see all of their energy bills, regardless of supplier, their consumption data, and bill validation reports, all with a touch of a button. Just imagine having your energy bills, for every site, meter and contract automatically pulled into one secure log-in, with live views of how your business is using its energy – sounds good, right?

Automatic bill validation takes it a step further, ensuring that every single bill has been charged correctly and if not, we fix it with the guilty supplier.

Instead of having to deal with the uncertainty of Excel you will be able to relax in the comfort that your data is correct, automatically updated and easily accessible! You will be able to start reading and understanding what your data is telling you, rather than doing the doing!


So, our question to you is that if you are still using Excel to manage your business energy portfolio, why?! 

Why not ditch the Excel spreadsheets and use our EMS to revolutionise the way you manage your business utilities!

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